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Vote NO on IL constitutional amendment 49

Some voters have recently asked about the "Proposed Amendment to Add Section 5.1 to Article XIII of the Illinois Constitution".  Voters should have received a small pamphlet in the mail from Secretary of State Jesse White about this measure, which is the first thing you will see on your ballot when you vote.

Here is how the proposition will appear on your ballot (from Lake County sample - Cuba township)…


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Could Illinois be a swing state in 2012?

Here's a little factual information for those who like to look at data beyond the prevailing media narrative.

2012 Illinois primary votes for Obama = 652,583 = 41%

Illinois primary votes for Republicans = 933,454 = 59%  (of these, Romney = 435,859, or less than half)

Obama is way behind the pace of his 2008 victory, when…


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Newt Gingrich visits Barrington, Illinois area

Here are links to various news stories related to the recent visit to the Barrington area by Newt Gingrich.  There are also links to official photos below.  For videos, see


iHigh - broadcast from District 220 - Barrington High School speech on March 15, 2012…


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Local voter network

This is a new network for voters in the Barrington, IL area.  Please join and share useful information with other voters.

RSS feeds below

The links below are RSS feeds from other websites which may interest Barrington voters, such as

- Heritage Action

- FreedomWorks

- Americans for Prosperity

- US Chamber of Commerce

- Illinois Republican Party

- Democrats (DNC)

Others may be added on request.  These initial feeds just demonstrate the capability to share timely news or opinions from a variety of sources.

Illinois Republican Party

Democrats (DNC)



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