Campaigns for Political Candidates in the Barrington, IL area

This page provides links for voters to local campaign organizations, such as their websites for contact information.  Discussion Forums for voters share recent news report links or factual information and comments about their campaigns.  Check the Events list or campaign websites for opportunities to meet the candidates.  Candidates are welcome to post blog entries or discussion forums, such as to highlight why they are running for office, or their positions on key issues which may interest Barrington voters.

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Local incumbent members of Congress 

Peter Roskam for U.S. Congress - Representative IL 6th District 

  • Most of the Barrington area will be in the new 6th district after 2012

Joe Walsh for U.S. Congress - Representative IL 8th District 

  • Here is a map of the new 8th District, which excludes most of Barrington
  • the new 8th district bears little resemblance to his former one

Robert Dold for U.S. Congress - Representative IL 10th District 

  • Brad Schneider (D)
  • Ilya Sheyman (D)
  • John Tree (D)


Randy Hultgren for U.S. Congress - Representative IL 14th District 

  • will be running against Joe Walsh in the new 14th District
  • the new 14th district bears little resemblance to his former one 

Don Manzullo for U.S. Congress - Representative IL 16th District 

  • Adam Kinzinger (R) 12th District is also running in the new 16th


Dmocratic candidates for U.S. Congress - 8th District


Illinois State Legislators (General Assembly) 

Candidates for District 26, Illinois State Senator

Candidates for District 51, Illinois State Representative

  • Incumbent: Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R)

Candidates for District 52, Illinois State Representative

  • Incumbent: Rep. Kent Gaffney (R)
  • David McSweeney (R)
  • Danielle Rowe (R)
  • no known Democratic challenger at this time

Candidates for District 27, Illinois State Senator

  • Incumbent: Sen. Matt Murphy (R)

Candidates for District 53, Illinois State Representative

  • Incumbent: Sidney H. Mathias (R)

Candidates for District 54, Illinois State Representative

  • Incumbent: Thomas Morrison (R)

Candidates for District 29, Illinois State Senator

  • Dr. Arie Friedman (R) - this is to the east in Lake County
  • Julie Morrison (D) - running to replace Sen. Susan Garrett (D)

Candidates for District 30, Illinois State Senator

  • Don Castella (R)
  • Greg Jacobs (R)
  • Terry Link (D) - incumbent

Candidates for District 31, Illinois State Senator

Candidates for District 64, Illinois State Representative


Cook County - Board of Review

Cook County - Circuit Court - 13th Subcircuit 

Lake County Board Member

Candidates for District 17 - to replace Stevenson Mountsier.

Candidate for District 13

Lake County - State's Attorny

Lake County - Clerk of the Circuit Court

Lake County - Recorder of Deeds

Lake County Coroner

Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court (Lake County)


Republican Precinct Committeemen

New Lake County precinct maps were announced September 13.  Voters should expect new registration cards in November from the Lake County Clerk showing their new Congressional and state legislative districts, county board districts, and voting precincts and polling place locations.


Cuba Township - It is not yet known who will be running in each new precinct.  Refer to the Cuba Township Republican website for contact information, and get in touch with Bruce Sauer if interested in running for one of the open positions.  The incumbents and likely candidates at this time include:

  • Bruce Sauer (chairman) - North Barrington - formerly Cuba 453
  • Daniel J. Cerny, Port Barrington - formerly Cuba 65
  • Janet M. Blake, Tower Lakes - formerly Cuba 66
  • Dorothy M. Schofield, Lake Barrington - formerly Cuba 68
  • Stevenson Mountsier, Lake Barrington - formerly Cuba 69
  • Nick Sauer, Lake Barrington (also running for Lake County Board)
  • Christine Boreland, Barrington - formerly Cuba 71
  • Bruce Donnelly, Lake Barrington - candidate for the new Cuba 71 precinct(formerly Cuba 72, long represented by Thomas W. Gooch III)
  • Cara Kretz
  • Roberta A. Svacha, North Barrington - formerly Cuba 73
  • Robert H. Hanaford, North Barrington - formerly Cuba 77

Ela Township


McHenry County - Algonquin Township


Cook County - not up for election in the 2012 primary


Democratic Precinct Committeemen

Cuba Township - candidates are not known at this time.  Incumbents for the former precincts can be found through the Lake County Clerk website.


Ela Township


McHenry County - Algonquin Township


Cook County - not up for election in the 2012 primary



Comment by Bruce Donnelly on October 11, 2011 at 9:05am

Not in the Barrington area, but of potential interest

Incumbent Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D - 9th District) has two new challengers.

Tim Wolfe and Ron Wallace

In 2010 she easily defeated Joel Pollak, who now works for Andrew Breitbart.


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