New Congressional and Legislative Districts

Here's a new interactive map tool from the Illinois State Board of Elections which enables you to look up any address in the state to see what Congressional or state legislative district it is in. 

County clerk websites generally have local county map features, such as to show county board or other local districts, including new precincts and voting locations in each township.

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Local voter network

This is a new network for voters in the Barrington, IL area.  Please join and share useful information with other voters.

RSS feeds below

The links below are RSS feeds from other websites which may interest Barrington voters, such as

- Heritage Action

- FreedomWorks

- Americans for Prosperity

- US Chamber of Commerce

- Illinois Republican Party

- Democrats (DNC)

Others may be added on request.  These initial feeds just demonstrate the capability to share timely news or opinions from a variety of sources.

Illinois Republican Party

Democrats (DNC)



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